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16 Things to do in Alcudia, Mallorca Blog Post - one Epic Road Trip Blog

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca

I have lived and worked in Alcudia for two summer seasons as a hotel entertainment manager, it is the inspiration for my for a novel I am in the process of writing out in the near future and to this day still remains one of my favourite places to be.

Alcudia has a lot to offer it’s clean, beautiful, and family-friendly, the locals are all pleasant and it has no shortage of things to do. So here are my top 16 Things To Do In Alcudia.

Activities In Alcudia

1. Horse Riding In Alcudia

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (Ranxo Se Roques horse riding) - One Epic Road Trip
Ranxo Ses Roques Horses playing

If you want a guided tour off the beaten track, then horse riding with the team at Ranxo Ses Roques are the people to book with. The ranch itself is run by some good friends of mine, who really do look after their animals and provide a fun and safe experience for everyone who books with them.

Ranxo Ses Roques caters for all types of riders, with Pony rides for the little ones where parents can lead their children around the track and for adults and children alike there is horse riding for either 1-2 hours through the woods with an experienced guide. All riders have safety helmets and even get free access to the petting zoo after, where you can meet some of the other residents of Ranxo Ses Roques.

Please Note: If you are based at a hotel in Alcudia, then you can arrange to be brought to and from your hotels at no extra cost, contact Ranxo Ses Roques to discuss.

2. Paintball

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (Paint Ball) - One Epic Road Trip

When I worked in Alcudia and C’an Picafort, I would take holidaymakers to paintball twice a week at the Paintball Xzone which is a 7-minute walk from Ranxo Ses Roques, it costs less than it would do in the UK, and full safety equipment is provided and you get three missions to take part in. The owners are great and if you’re based close by they will even pick you up from your hotel.

3. Cycle

Mallorca itself is one of the best places to cycle both on and off the road it has beautiful scenery and the locals have a cycle-friendly attitude. From April to September Mallorca hosts a number of events which involves cycling including the Ironman triathlon.

In my opinion, Alcudia is one of the best places on the island to cycle and whilst working as an entertainments manager in C’an Picafort back in 2015 I would go out cycling every Sunday and even did the Iron Man cycle route for charity, which took me 14 hours to do, mostly because I kept stopping to view the sights and even had time for a roast dinner on my route.

I used to just randomly pick my routes so by no means could I advise you on the best routes but there are websites that can/

Quick Tip: Check around for the best prices on bike shops as some charge crazy prices, I found the best place was Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays Station Can Picafort and a big reason for this was because they are Cycling specialists, so you know that the bikes you’re getting are in good condition, like the Cube Bike you see me holding in the picture.

16 THINGS TO DO IN ALCUDIA - Cycling - One Epic road Trip Blog

4. Go To The Hydro Waterpark

Alcudia has its very own waterpark, this is a great day out for the whole family with big slides and a wave pool, make sure that you bring some sun cream, bottled water and even some snacks if you aim to spend the whole day there.

Top Tip: The Hydro Park will get busy during the main season, so consider going first thing in the morning and then doing something else in the afternoon. Also if you do go in the afternoon bring a t-shirt to put on in the water as the sun will be at its hottest.

hidropark_alcudia_wasserpark 16 things to do in alcudia

5. Go For a Ride on the Tourist Train

This might sound cheesy but taking the tourist train is a great way to explore Alcudia and find locations that you might not necessarily find whilst on foot in Alcudia. It’s also a great way to find out some of the history surrounding Alcudia, as there is commentary whilst you go around on the train.

mini train timetable 16 things to do in Alcudia


16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca - Alcudia Beach - One Epic Road Trip Blog

6. The Beach

One of the Best Beaches in Mallorca is on the Alcudia stretch. The water is shallow enough that you can walk out quite far out, and the fish swim past your feet. You can also walk from Port d’Alcudia Beach and follow it all the way up just past C’an Picafort with plenty of restaurants and bars along the way. There is also the opportunity to do some watersports for those that are more active.

Note: If you’re the type of person that spends their days at the beach on a sun lounger, it would work out cheaper to purchase a mini lounger or beach mat/towel and a sun umbrella from the local shops whilst you’re there, as renting one out every day even for two days can work out quite expensive.

7. The Harbour

This impressive harbour hosts boats and yachts, some are even owned by celebrities and millionaires. There are plenty of restaurants and bars as you walk along the harbour.

Historical Sights

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (old town) - One Epic Road Trip blog

Alcudia has a lot of history which dates back to 2000-1300 BC which includes; Pirates, the Roman Empire, Kings and more. Alcudia has so much history that you could spend hours in the old town of Alcudia just exploring.

8. Roman Ruins of Pollentia

The Romans were a big part of Alcudia’s history and there are several archaeological excavations sites to visit as well as the remains of a Roman theatre which is the smallest roman theatre found in all of Spain.

9. The Medieval Town Of Alcudia (Old Town)

Surrounded by a fort, this very instagrammable location allows you to walk the walls of the fort, explore the narrow streets, visit shops and restaurants as well as venture into the Church of Sant Jaume. This medieval town is perfectly restored and well maintained and is free to enter.


16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (Market Days) - One Epic Road Trip

10. Old Town Market

The old town market runs every Tuesday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. This is the place to go to buy fresh food, handbags, shoes, clothes, toys, handcrafted items and more. You can actually haggle the price down at this market on some of the market stalls which is good fun.

11. Night Market

The Night Market runs during the summer season from around 5:30 pm till 11:00 pm along the harbour, although not as big as the main market, this is more of a crafts and holidays gifts type of market.

Places To Eat

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (Food) - One Epic Road Trip

12. Restaurants

Alcudia and Port d’Alcudia are not short of places to eat, from fast food to beautiful restaurants and tasty menus from around the world there is no end of places to eat below are some of my favourite restaurants.

  • Tratoria Italiana S’Espiga has amazing Italian food from €5 and the portions are so big it will literally put you into a food coma.
  • Varadero Restaurante tasty Spanish Tapas bar and restaurant with amazing views from all angles of the harbour pier.
  • Dakota Grill and Bar is an American there style bar selling everything from BBQ steak, chicken and ribs
  • Casa Del Dragon Chinese Buffet – Tasty Chinese buffet but you can also order a set menu
  • The Terrace – This is proper British Fish and Chips, a very tasty run restaurant and the owners and lovely.

Pubs, Bars & Clubs

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (Apels)-One Epic Road Trip
Apels Resident DJ

13. Themed Pubs and Bars

Alcudia and Port d’Alcudia have so many themed pubs from British pubs, German pubs, Irish bars, music venues, karaoke bars, sports bars and of course Spanish bars, below I can recommend a few bars for you.

  • Smugglers Bar – This is a British family-run bar that serves amazing roast dinners. The owners are lovely and you can watch all the sports on the TV and also have a game of pool. If you fancy a shot ask Lindsey for her special shots (As of 2022 this bar is now up for sale).
  • Jolly Roger – This is a great party pub, with live music, DJs and of course a swimming pool.
  • Legends – This is an international sports bar showing all sporting events on 5 screens and has the biggest collection of signed sports memorabilia on the island.
  • Woody Wood Peckers – Fancy a bit of a Quiz or Karaoke then this is your bar.

14. Clubs and Bars at the Pyramid

Alcudia has decent nightlife although not as wild as Magaluf (which is probably a good thing). If you want to party with the locals and holidaymakers then the best thing to do is to head to the pyramid in Port d’Alcudia (locals call this Magic because the majority of clubs inside are owned by Groupo Magic) This is where you can find a whole host of clubs including:

  • Twenty’s – which has more of a chill vibe to it and is great for pre-party drinks (Ground Floor owned by Groupo Magic)
  • Unikool – which is a trendy pub and another venue great venue for pre-party drinks (Ground Floor is owned by Groupo Magic)
  • Baladas – For Karaoke in between going to the dancing in the clubs (The first floor owned by Group Magic)
  • Unik – This is a nightclub that plays mostly Spanish chart music and the occasional international dance floor anthem. (The first floor is owned by Groupo Magic)
  • Apel’s -My personal favourite nightclub in Alcudia, Malik the General Manager and all his team including the bar staff, street PR Team, Security and the DJ are all so friendly and really do have great customer service. The DJ’s music is on point and there is never a minute that you want to leave the dance floor, in my opinion, this is the best place to be in the pyramid and the drinks are a decent price. (The First Floor is owned by Groupo Magic)
  • Banana Club – Personally, I only went to this place twice, in two seasons. It’s not a bad club but the drinks are quite pricey and the PR staff will jump on you as soon as you get near the pyramid and you’ll spend most of the night queueing if you’re a holidaymaker to get into this club. (The top floor – Independently owned)

Something Different

16 Things To Do In Alcudia, Mallorca (events) - One Epic Road Trip

15. Attend a special event

The Spanish don’t need an excuse for a party and that’s the case in Mallorca, there seems to be a fiesta every month. Alcudia celebrates many fiestas throughout the year, which are always great fun to take part in. Alcudia also hosts various other events throughout the summer season including Triathlons, fashion week and beach parties.

16. Explore the Island

Once you have explored Alcudia it’s worthwhile thinking about either booking an excursion, hopping on a bus or even renting out a car for the day as Alcudia is a pretty easy location to get from A-B. There are plenty of places to visit for shopping there is Festival Park, Palma and Porto Pi just to name a few. There are also a few shows to watch and other trips to take to see the Caves of Drach or even the Aquarium.

Have you been to Alcudia or thinking of going? Let me know what you think of it.

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