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At the minute I am a professional entertainer, social media manager and once I set off on my Epic Road Trip I will be a full-time blogger, YouTuber and videographer, in which I will make a living working with brands and Tourism Boards as well as take on freelance film, photography, journalism and influencer projects on.

When Are You Setting off on Your Big Trip?

I plan to be travelling by early 2019, as this gives me time to get my planning complete and the van designed.

How Will The Charities That You are Raising Money for Receiving Their Money?

I will not be accepting any sponsorship money in cash for the charities as I would rather all money be accounted for to avoid anyone questioning of my honesty, so instead, anyone who wishes to sponsor those charities that I am raising money for can do so on the Just Giving Page that I will be setting up for early 2019.

How Are You Funding Your Trip?

I will be funding my trip through my own funds at present but would be willing to work with corporate sponsors either through money or much-needed equipment that is needed for the trip. ( You can find out how to become a corporate sponsor by clicking here)

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