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30 Vlog Post Ideas for Travel Vloggers - One Epic Road Trip Blog

30 Vlog Post Ideas for Travel Vloggers

I previously wrote about 30 blog post ideas for Travel bloggers and because it’s Blogtober/Vlogtober, I thought I would show some love for the travel vloggers out there. So here are 30 Vlog post ideas that can be used or even adapted as a starting point and not just for Vlogtober.

Travel Vlog Posts Ideas

As Travel vloggers we shoot a lot of footage that gets condensed down to 10 -15 minutes’ worth of material, why not use the other footage that didn’t make the final cut to create something completely new or get out there and shoot more. Here are a few travel vlog post ideas.

  • Travel Guides for each location you have visited
  • My favourite destinations
  • A local’s guide to…
  • Packing Tips
  • Travel hacks, tips and tricks
  • Airport Vlogs
  • Hotel Reviews and tours
  • Create your own Travel Series (If your new to vlogging start with your local area)
  • Collaborate with other Travel Vloggers
  • How I stay fit whilst travelling

Personal Vlog Ideas

One way to really reach out to your subscribers and even gain more subscribers is letting your personality stand out and let your audience get to know you more by doing some personal vlog posts.

  • Daily raw vlog (no planning just vlog as you go)
  • Personal Challenges (don’t do something silly like the pod challenge but create some fun challenges that others can join in on)
  • Get To Know Me More
  • Life Update (If you have a good fan base, they will want to see you do well so update them)

Food Vlog Ideas

I personally feel that foodie vlogs and travel vlogs go hand in hand, as every country has their own recipes that can be incorporated into your travel vlogs. So, here are some foodie vlog ideas for you to try out.

  • Recipes from around the world
  • Local Food and where to eat
  • The Strangest Foods I have ever tried from around the world

If you are an experienced and very talented Vlogger, why not share your knowledge after all YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

How To Vlog Post Ideas

  • How to shoot epic B-roll
  • Top 10 Tips on how to Vlog with a Go Pro
  • How to Vlog like a Pro
  • Complete Guide on How to make travel videos using your phone
  • 15 Top Tips to create awesome Travel Vlogs
  • How to Edit Vlogs


  • Equipment or Product reviews
  • What Equipment I use
  • Must-Have Equipment for any travel vlogger
  • Start-Up Equipment for first-time Travel Vloggers
  • How I Use My Equipment

Halloween Vlog

Just because it’s a few weeks till Halloween I wanted to put a little something to celebrate this spooky event.

  • Ghost Hunting
  • Exploring Videos
  • Trick or Treat Challenge (This is open to whatever you choose)

That’s it for my 30 Vlog Post ideas for Travel vloggers hope this helps you and if you’re taking part in Vlogtober then good luck and let me know how you get on.

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