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30 Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

30 Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Now that Blogtober has officially started you’re going to need some content and whilst writing a blog post maybe once a week is easy for some, attempting to write 31 days’ worth of content can be a little daunting when it comes to thinking of ideas.

So, to aid my fellow Travel bloggers and to mark this as my second Blogtober blog post I’ve come up 30 Post ideas for Travel bloggers to write about.

Packing Tip Blog Post Ideas

For those of you bloggers who are a little more packing savvy why not share your packing tips?

  • What to pack for 1 month of Backpacking?
  • What to pack for a city break in…
  • 10 Things I’d Never Travel Without
  • What’s in my day bag?
  • What’s in My Camera Bag?
  • What’s In My Travel First Aid Kid

Packing blogs posts are not for you why not share your travel knowledge with your readers.

Travel Hack Blog Post Ideas

  • 10x Ways to Save Money for Travel
  • Travel Safety Tips
  • Travel Accessory Reviews
  • The Best Travel Apps To Use
  • Pre-Holiday Checklist
  • 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Visited …..
  • Jobs You Can Do Whilst Travelling
  • How To Over Come Loneliness Whilst Travelling Solo
  • How To Travel With Children

Some Travel bloggers aren’t in to the whole Travel hack thing and live more for sharing their experiences with their readers.

Travel Blog Post Ideas

  • One Week Travel Itinerary for ……
  • 24 Hours in…
  • Top 10 beaches
  • A locals guide to…
  • Attraction Reviews
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Local Foods You Should Try In…

There are a lot of seasonal blog posts ideas that you can write about such as Halloween and Christmas just to name a few.

Seasonal Blog Post Ideas

  • Most Haunted Locations You Can Visit
  • Spooky Events Around the World
  • Christmas Markets to Visit
  • Christmas Events in…

If you’re still not sure what to blog about why not let your readers get to know more about you.

Blog Post Ideas for Your Readers to Get to Know You

  • 10x Things You Didn’t Know About Me
  • My Scariest Experience Whilst Travelling
  • What’s on My Bucket List
  • My Favourite Bloggers/Vloggers

These are just 30 blog post ideas that you can use or adapt to make your own and a great way to get through blogtober and beyond.

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